Full-Service Boarding 

The staff at AM Dressage believe our horses should be treated like the athletes they are! Every horse is evaluated and has a personalized nutritional and turn-out plan. We keep a close eye on our athletes and inform owners of any critical changes. In case of emergency, there are multiple local veterinarians on call.  Boarding is only available to horses who are in training or taking lessons with one of AM Dressage's approved trainers. Board is due the first of every month.


$1200 per month

Feed & Care


Purina Ultium® is fed twice a day.

Coastal and Alfalfa hays fed 3 times a day

Fresh water in clean buckets is always available.

Supplements and medications are not provided, but will be given on request.

Blanket service is included ( Removal and appareling of winter blankets, flymasks, flysheets, etc.)




12 x 14.8 ft stalls with individual windows looking outside.

Fans on during hot days 

Stalls are cleaned at LEAST once a day



Horses are turned-out everyday (weather-permitting)

We believe horses need their time to be a horse and socialize with others. Horses are NOT turned out in the mud, we wait for the ground to dry to eliminate any accidents. Group or individual time depends on availability and personality of horse.

Stall rest is available to horses who are rehabilitating


Fresh hay and water are provided during turn-out